5 Things We Want To See In The First Godzilla Vs. Kong Trailer

A Hint of Why The Two Behemoths Are Actually Fighting In the First Place

This goes back to my last point, but why are they fighting again? I don’t think all of the details need to be spelled out in the upcoming trailer, but the last thing I want to see in a potential trailer is just separate shots of King Kong and Godzilla, and then one final shot of them about to hit each other. That would be really lame.

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No, what I want to see is at least some kind of story told within the trailer. I typically hate when movie trailers give away too much information. But Godzilla vs. Kong is different, because all I mostly care about is Godzilla and King Kong fighting. So, if they just get the how and the why out of the way during the trailer, then I think it will be that much easier to be ready for whatever mindless action they have in store for us. And this hopefully leaves the door open for one final request for the trailer.

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