Borderlands: Ariana Greenblatt To Be Tiny Tina

by James White | Eli Roth has been busy gathering the cast he needs for his adaptation of the Borderlands game. The latest addition is Ariana Greenblatt, known for films such as Avengers: Infinity War (she was young Gamora) and A Bad Moms Christmas .With Craig Mazin on script duty, the story for the film is largely under wraps, but it'll likely follow a version of the game, which has a group of four Vault Hunters who travel to the distant planet Pandora to hunt down an alien vault that is rumored to contain advanced alien technology. They quickly find themselves battling the local wildlife and bandit population as they attempt to stop the head of a private army from reaching the vault first. Greenblatt is playing Tiny Tina, an unstable, 13-year-old explosives expert.

The Bridge Explosion in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Had to Be Shot Twice. The big scene in this Spaghetti Western classic—when Blondie and Tuco blow up the bridge leading to the cemetery where the gold is believed to be buried—had to be shot twice. A misunderstanding led to the dynamite around the bridge being detonated before cameras were ready to catch it, requiring the bridge to be rebuilt and the whole thing to be shot again.

"Ariana is a spectacular new talent in cinema," Roth says in a statement. "She has already worked with many of my close collaborators and everyone raves about her. She blew us all away in her audition, and I cannot wait to see her bring the wild, insane and unpredictable Tiny Tina to the big screen. She’s going to blow up on screen like one of Tina’s grenades." Greenblatt joins the likes of Cate Blanchett , Kevin Hart , Jamie Lee Curtis and Jack Black , with the latter landing the voice role of Claptrap.

Jaws’ Most Famous Line Was Improvised. The best-known line from Jaws (“You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” not “We’re gonna need a bigger boat,” as it’s often misquoted, by the way) was not in the actual script. Actor Roy Scheider said it throughout the filming, joking about the small boat the producers had selected to hold the filming equipment, and it ended up in the final cut.