Christopher Nolan's Next Movie Scheduled For July 2020

Christopher Nolan

It's not every director whose latest film can be totally wrapped in secrecy and yet have a studio announce it all the same, planting a flag on a release date more than a year in advance. JJ Abrams has enjoyed that privilege, but for Warner Bros., there really is only one: Christopher Nolan.

The studio made an announcement at the weekend, revealing that Nolan has a new film in the works, aiming for 17 July next year, the same weekend that Dunkirk arrived in 2017.

As for what the film will be about, who will be starring or anything else? There are no details – that's not really Nolan's style. We'll no doubt learn more as events progress. Hans Zimmer for scoring? Nathan Crowley on production design? We can but hope that Nolan will assemble his regular team.

So far, the only competition in the States for that slot is Paramount's new SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and a film based on fellow animated series Bob's Burgers from Fox.

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