Danny Boyle Tackles Empire’s Movie Mastermind Quiz

Danny Boyle – Empire Movie Mastermind

Choose Empire. Choose 30th birthday celebrations. Choose one of Britain’s greatest directors, who changes genres and subverts expectations with every new film. Choose Trainspotting, or Sunshine, or 28 Days Later. Choose Danny Boyle . Choose extremely hard film quizzes. Choose Movie Mastermind. Choose seeing how the director fares when dealt ten tricky questions about his own movies. Choose to watch it below. And then choose to take a look at Edgar Wright and James Cameron taking on their Movie Mastermind quizzes too.

Our celebration of Danny Boyle’s incredible career for Empire 30 continues in the new issue of Empire, on sale now. The director gives a genre-by-genre breakdown of his filmography, answers your reader questions on everything from film-poop, to his Bond 25 departure, and Alien: Resurrection, and opens up about his new Beatles tribute film Yesterday.

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