Elizabeth Olsen backs Avengers co-star Scarlett Johansson on lawsuit against Disney: She's tough


'I’m worried about a bunch of things. Not worried on Scarlett's behalf,' Elizabeth Olsen lent support to Scarlett Johansson, who has sued Disney for breach of contract over their decision to release Black Widow' on Disney Plus and theatres simultaneously.

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Amid Scarlett Johansson’ s ongoing Black Widow lawsuit against Disney, Wandavision star Elizabeth Olsen has voiced her support for her Avengers co-star. Olsen has become the latest celebrity to come out and show support to Johansson after Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista . Last week, during a conversation with actor-comedian Jason Sudeikis for Vanity Fair, Olsen praised Johansson while answering a question on whether actors were worried about movies having a harder time hitting theaters post-pandemic. “I think she’s so tough and literally when I read that I was like, ‘Good for you Scarlett’. I’m worried about a bunch of things. Not worried on Scarlett's behalf. But I'm worried about small movies getting the opportunity to be seen in theaters. That was already a thing pre-COVID," Olsen said. She added that when it comes to actors and their earnings, is all about the contracts.

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According to Variety, the interview touched and highlighted issues of theatrical releases where theaters are still in recovery from the ongoing pandemic. Meanwhile, Olsen’s comment arises after Johansson last month filed a lawsuit against Disney. She alleged that the media breached her contract after it released her first solo Marvel project titled Black Widow simultaneously in theaters and streaming platform Disney+. However, the lawsuit states that the release on the streaming platform cost her potential compensation which was attached to the movie’s theatrical revenue. Additionally, the Walt Disney Company released a statement regarding the same asserting that there is no merit to Johansson’s filing. A Disney official also stated that the studio has complied with Johansson's contract, and that the release of Black Widow on Disney+ with Premier Access has increased her ability to earn more money, writes Deadline. Furthermore, Johansson’s agent, CAA co-chairman Bryan Lord, retorted to Disney’s statement and called it a direct attack on his client’s character.

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