Empire Issue Preview: 2020 Preview, Little Women, Fight Club, Last Christmas, Marriage Story

By Ben Travis | Posted 30 Oct 2019


  • No Time To Die
  • Last Night In Soho
  • Wonder Woman 1984
  • Top Gun: Maverick
  • Little Women (2019)
  • Fight Club
  • Last Christmas
  • Marriage Story
  • Before Sunrise
  • Before Sunset
  • Before Midnight
The return of James Bond. New films from Edgar Wright and Christopher Nolan. Phase 4 of the MCU. All-singing all-dancing musicals. When January rolls around, we’ll be entering a thrilling new year of bold, daring and diverse movies ready to thrill, chill, and transport us for a few precious hours. The December 2019 issue of Empire is our 2020 Preview Issue – your ultimate guide to the most exciting films just around the corner. Here’s a sneak peek inside this month’s magazine, on newsstands from Thursday 31 October.

Scream Was Originally Titled Scary Movie. While the Wayans brothers’ spoof of Scream went with the not-so-subtle title of Scary Movie, they would have had to get a bit more creative if the movie they were sending up had stuck with its original title. Now-disgraced former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who produced the original, heard the Michael Jackson song “Scream” in his car and decided he liked that better than the title that the project had originally been given, and the name stuck.

2020 Preview

The new year isn’t far away – and it’s going to be packed with exciting new movies. This month we run you through the most intriguing films coming your way in 2020 – with exclusive reports, first-look images and more on the likes of No Time To Die, Edgar Wright’s Last Night In Soho, the long-awaited Top Gun: Maverick, Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984, drag queen musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, and much more.

Little Women

Greta Gerwig’s follow-up to Lady Bird sees her adopt a beloved classic novel with Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh and Eliza Scanlen playing the central March sisters. Exclusively for Empire, the writer-director interviews her four stars, posing them questions on their characters, their performances – and hoop skirts.

"The Great Gatsby." According to Tom Breen, the owner of property "Breenhold" in the Blue Mountains where a lot of filming took place, there was a huge stuff-up on set by a "private weather guru" who was hired by Baz Luhrmann. Mr Breen claims that on a beautiful spring day, the crew purchased 100,000 litres of water from one of the dams to create the synthetic rain needed for the scene where a nervous Gatsby has Nick Carroway invite Daisy over for tea. It rained for the next 3 days.

Fight Club

We’re not supposed to talk about it. But considering Fight Club is now 20 years old, we’re breaking the first two rules to revisit David Fincher’s satirical tale of toxic masculinity, anti-capitalist revolutions, and bars of soap – with the filmmaker opening his personal photo archive from his time making the movie.

The People Vs. David Fincher

In the latest Empire 30 special, we pose your reader questions to the filmmaker behind Fight Club, Seven, The Social Network, Zodiac and more.

Last Christmas

James Cameron was homeless when writing the movie "The Terminator," and sold the rights for US$1, on the condition he could direct it.

Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding are teaming up for George Michael-soundtracked festive rom-com Last Christmas. In a joint interview, they discuss their break-out roles in Game Of Thrones and Crazy Rich Asians, their go-to Christmas movies, and celebrity freak-outs.

Marriage Story

The director of The Squid And The Whale and Frances Ha is Noah Baum-back in business with a surprisingly funny and emotionally raw divorce movie. Baumbach tells Empire about how he crafted such a personal and widely-relatable drama.

"What We Do In The Shadows." The man who plays Stu is not an actor but actually Stu Rutherford. A part-time business analyst for a Wellington company, LanWorx. He was hired for the film under the impression that he would be working on computers, and that he would play a small part in the film.


In this month’s home entertainment section, Richard Linklater, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy talk through the entire Before trilogy, Toy Story 4 director Josh Cooley breaks down the movie’s emotion-driven developments, Keanu Reeves gets the ranking treatment, and much more.

Take 20

This month’s film moments that matter include Sam Mendes talking up his ambitious World War I drama 1917, Colin Trevorrow talking exclusively about pulling together the classic Jurassic cast for the next World, Bong Joon-Ho on the hugely-anticipated Parasite – and the ultimate debate on the matter of Martin Scorsese vs. Marvel.

"Elizabeth: The Golden Age." In the film, when Elizabeth arrives at St. Paul's Cathedral, construction is going on. In real life, St. Paul's actually needed repair work. Director Shekhar Kapur decided to improvise, and gave the workers costumes and period tools to cut real stone that was being installed in the cathedral. The workers in the scene are real-life stonemasons and construction workers.

Spoiler Special

We delve into the biggest talking points in Joker and Hustlers, with input from filmmakers Todd Phillips and Lorene Scafaria – as well as members of the Empire team.

On Screen

Reviewed this issue are the likes of The Irishman, James Mangold’s racing drama Le Mans ’66, Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story, Lupita Nyong’o’s zombie-horror-comedy Little Monsters, and Rian Johnson’s twist-filled whodunnit Knives Out. Pick up Empire's 2020 Preview Issue from Thursday 31 October.