Empire Podcast #427: Josh Lucas, Joe and Anthony Russo

By Chris Hewitt | Posted 7 hours agoThis week's episode of the Empire Podcast sees our old chums, and directors of the biggest movie of all time, Joe and Anthony Russo, drop by for a slice of metaphorical pizza as they discuss their impromptu film show, The Russo Brothers Pizza Film School, with Chris Hewitt. Chris also has a lovely chat with Josh Lucas, star of The Secret: Dare To Dream, who talks candidly about his career, and how Ang Lee continues to help him, years after they last worked together.

"The Hunger Games." On the set of the Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence told co-star Josh Hutcherson she could kick all the way over his head. Instead, she gave him a concussion.

Then, in the virtual podbooth, Chris is joined by Helen O'Hara, Ben Travis and, in the rotating fourth chair, Nick de Semlyen, to compare film facts (Helen's got a deadly one this week), discuss movie Vice-Presidents, talk about the week's movie news (Tron! John Wick 5! Three Men And A Baby!), and review Babyteeth, Project Power, and Howard, the Disney+ documentary about Howard Ashman. Oh, and we're trying something a little new and funky with our interviews this week. Let us know what you think. Enjoy.

Sandra Bullock won the Oscar and the Golden Raspberry (for worst film) in the same weekend. She collected both.

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