James Gunn’s Suicide Squad Sequel Won’t Star Will Smith

Suicide Squad

For all that Suicide Squad had its problems, one of its more enjoyable aspects was a star turn from Will Smith – he played sharp-shooter Deadshot, flexing his charisma and action chops to enjoyable effect. But according to Variety he won’t be back for sequel-slash-do-over The Suicide Squad in 2021, owing to scheduling issues – apparently an amicable decision on both sides.

While the loss of Smith is regrettable, elsewhere The Suicide Squad (as it’s currently going by) sounds like a welcome second attempt at DC’s anti-hero mob. For one thing, Guardians Of The Galaxy filmmaker James Gunn is writing it following his ousting from the Marvel Cinematic Universe over offensive joke tweets, and he’s since been heavily rumoured to direct the project too. If there’s anyone who understands misfit comic book team-ups and knows how to make them soar, it’s Gunn. It also seems like DC is carefully building its upcoming slate, which now includes a 2021 release date for The Batman , a 2022 release for Aquaman 2 , horror spin-off The Trench , and next year’s Wonder Woman 1984 and Birds Of Prey .

As for which other characters will return, it remains to be seen – Harley Quinn is spinning off into Birds Of Prey with a bunch of other heroic women, but feels like a shoo-in to appear after being Suicide Squad ’s break-out character. Elsewhere, we’ll wait and see what Gunn can cook up.