John Krasinski Hosts An Internet Prom For The Latest Some Good News Episode

By James White | Posted 20 Apr 2020


  • John Krasinski
Continuing to do the good work of boosting people doing even better work (or just doing good) in the world, John Krasinski released episode four of YouTube show Some Good News this weekend, and it was as heart-warming as ever.

106-year-old Manoel de Oliveira was the oldest active film director until 2015. He began making movies during the silent era.

This week brought the usual blend of celebrating those on the front line of keeping people supplied, and family members doing nice things for each other. There was another celebrity meteorologist and the surprise guests this week were more of a musical bent, as Krasinski delivered on his promise to hold a virtual prom for a whole load of 2020 graduates who were missing their various dances.

"Black Swan." Natalie Portman not only trained for a year as a dancer to prepare for the role, but paid for the the training out of her own pocket until the film found investors. Aronofsky attributed the film's getting made at all to Portman's dedication and enthusiasm.

And it's not every web news show that can boast correspondents based on the International Space Station...