Joker Laughs Off The US Box Office Challenge And Breaks Records

By James White | Posted 6 Oct 2019


  • Joker
  • It: Chapter Two
  • Justice League
  • Abominable
  • Downton Abbey
  • Hustlers
  • Ad Astra
  • Judy
  • Rambo 5: Last Blood
  • Good Boys
Given the controversy surrounding it (tone, worries about what it might inspire), there was of course a question as to what effect that would have on the box office for Joker . Yet the new take on the character has proven to be a success out of the gate, launching in the US to a studio-estimates $93.5 million.

"Sunshine." Cillian Murphy worked with leading physicist Brian Cox to learn all about advanced physics. This included touring the CERN facility in Switzerland and learned to copy physicists' mannerisms. Murphy ended up copying some of Cox's personal idiosyncrasies, such as his frequent hand movements. The actor also studied Henri-Georges Clouzot's classic The Wages of Fear (1953) to have an understanding of the type of suspense that Danny Boyle was attempting to create. Murphy has claimed that his involvement in Sunshine converted him from agnosticism to atheism.

That puts it top of the charts in terms of October openings (it snatched the crown from It: Chapter Two ) and ranks as the fourth-largest opening for an R-rated release. It's also roughly the same amount as the much more costly Justice League took on its first weekend in 2017. Worldwide, the movie has made more than $234 million already. Natrually, it helped that Joker didn't face any wide-release competition. The new arrival pushed Abominable down to second place and $12 million. Downton Abbey went down(ton) to third with $8 million, while Hustlers slipped one place to fourth via $6.3 million. Rounding out the top five, we find the aforementioned It: Chapter Two, which earned $5.3 million.

"Inglourious Basterds." When asked how he got into the violent, baseball bat-wielding mindset of "The Bear Jew", Eli Roth partially attributed his performance to the historically accurate costumes: "Being in wool underwear will make you want to kill anything." He also stated (in a separate interview) that his girlfriend had secretly added some Hannah Montana (2006) music onto his iPod; when he listened to it, it inexplicably made him able to tap into the violent nature of The Bear Jew.

Ad Astra fell one place to sixth, making $4.5 million, with Judy staying seventh for $4.4 million. Rambo: Last Blood dropped to eighth with $3.5 million, while limited release Indian new entry War earned $1.5 million from 305 screens. Finally, we find Good Boys at 10th, adding $900,000.