Judas And The Black Messiah Trailer: Daniel Kaluuya And LaKeith Stanfield Star In Black Panther Drama

By Ben Travis | Posted 7 Aug 2020


  • Judas And The Black Messiah
  • Get Out
  • Widows
  • Queen & Slim
  • Black Panther


  • Daniel Kaluuya
  • Lakeith Stanfield
  • Jesse Plemons
  • Ashton Sanders
  • Martin Sheen
  • Dominique Fishback
  • Ryan Coogler
  • Shaka King
From his humble beginnings as the ebullient Posh Kenneth on Skins, Daniel Kaluuya has become a complete powerhouse performer – from Get Out , to Widows to Queen And Slim , he’s made all the right moves and put in stellar turns in very special projects. His latest looks no different – in Judas And The Black Messiah, he plays Fred Hampton, the Chairman of the Black Panther party who (historical spoiler warning) was assassinated at the age of 21 by the FBI. The film tracks the plot to silence him, with the feds roping in petty criminal William O’Neal (played by LaKeith Stanfield , another one prone to knocking it out of the park) to inform on Hampton – hence that title, Judas And The Black Messiah. Watch the powerful first trailer here.

"Valkyrie." Germany has strict laws against displaying the swastika, though artistic displays are specifically exempt. Filmmakers usually use incorrect swastikas to avoid causing public outrage. The producer wanted swastikas for authenticity, so the crew posted warnings around the filming locations. Still, a local resident filed an official complaint with the city, who pressed charges against the owners of some filming sites.

This one looks very special, and sure to be a must-watch – with a 50-plus year old story that feels as relevant as ever in the light of the recent Black Lives Matter protests after the killing of George Floyd. Beyond Kaluuya and Stanfield, the film also stars Jesse Plemons, Ashton Sanders, Martin Sheen, and rising star Dominique Fishback – soon to be seen in Netflix’s superpower story Project Power. It marks the studio feature directorial debut of Shaka King – who’s previously helmed episodes of High Maintenance and Shrill – who co-wrote the screenplay along with Will Berson. Ryan Coogler is on board as producer.

"Get Out." Daniel Kaluuya was given the lead role on the spot after nailing his audition. Jordan Peele said Kaluuya did about five takes of a key scene, in which his character needs to cry, and each was so perfect that the single tear came down at the exact same time for each take.

Release details for the film are currently unknown – though with a trailer now in the wild, expect it to arrive in the coming months, whether that’s on the big screen (fingers crossed) or through an alternative release platform.