Louisiana Police Accidentally Use Purge Siren To Signal Curfew

By James White | Posted 8 Apr 2020


  • Purge, The
The current Corona-crisis already makes it feel like we're living in some dystopian film, but a police department in the state of Louisiana across the pond accidentally crossed movie reality with actual reality when it used the siren from the Purge films to kick off a Corona-mandated curfew.

"2001: A Space Odyssey." Stanley Kubrick destroyed almost all of his props and sets from 2001: A Space Odyssey because he didn't want them to be used in any lesser science fiction films.

As originally reported by local news station KATC and found by Variety, the city of Crowley, Louisiana has implemented a 9pm curfew for its residents to help with the stay-at-home policy, and police officers drove around the city playing the siren from the film to announce the start. According to police chief Jimmy Broussard, he wasn't aware that the siren was from the films which posit an America under a theocracy that relaxes the laws on all crimes for one 12-hour period a year.

"Inglourious Basterds." When asked how he got into the violent, baseball bat-wielding mindset of "The Bear Jew", Eli Roth partially attributed his performance to the historically accurate costumes: "Being in wool underwear will make you want to kill anything." He also stated (in a separate interview) that his girlfriend had secretly added some Hannah Montana (2006) music onto his iPod; when he listened to it, it inexplicably made him able to tap into the violent nature of The Bear Jew.

Next week, hilarity breaks out when the department changes things up and the curfew starts with residents hearing