See Bill Murray Yell ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ for Chicago Cubs’ Home Opener

Socially distanced actor helps keep “7th inning stretch” tradition alive at Wrigley Field despite no fans
Diehard Chicago Cubs fan Bill Murray , via video, serenaded an attendance-less Wrigley Field with a rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the team’s home opener Friday.
Bill Murray with the 7th inning stretch!

— Marquee Sports Network (@WatchMarquee)

Even with no fans in the stands, Murray’s over-the-top, socially distanced performance was still shown on the jumbotron as the Cubs kept their “7th inning stretch” tradition alive for their strange, abbreviated 2020 season. Murray, clutching a giant stuffed bear, yelled to the empty bleachers, “Alright everybody! We wanna hear you sing! We wanna hear you all the way out to the centerfield scoreboard!” He then launched into a comically enthusiastic rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”
Iso Bill Murray hugging a toy cub and singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game on opening day at an empty Wrigley. Go @Cubs! — Samuel Clark (@sclark_melbs)
In non-COVID times, Murray has been a frequent guest at Wrigley pressbox to sing the traditional baseball anthem to the crowd, including at the 2012 home opener and during the Cubs’ first World Series home game since 1945 in October 2016. Following the team’s World Series win, Murray joined some Cubs to celebrate on Saturday Night Live and jammed with fellow Cubs diehard Eddie Vedder at a post-World Series win house party.

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