Soul Voice Cast: Who's Voicing Who In The Pixar Movie

While it is exciting to see actors who have never voiced a Pixar character pop up in a new film, it is especially a treat when they bring back a few veterans (i.e., A Bug’s Life’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Onward, for instance). Yet, as far as I can tell, it seems that the Soul cast (specifically the main players) are all newcomers to the acclaimed animation studio.

"The Shawshank Redemption." When Andy goes to the library to begin work as Brooks' assistant and Brooks' crow, Jake, is squawking, Tim Robbins had to time his line, "Hey, Jake. Where's Brooks?" so that the crow wouldn't squawk over him, since the bird could not be trained to squawk on cue. Robbins was able to adapt to this and time his line perfectly by learning the bird's squawking patterns, for which Writer and Director Frank Darabont praised him. Robbins' improvisation is noticeable, as he watches the bird carefully while approaching it, waiting for it to squawk, and doesn't begin his line until after it does so.

That being said, I do guarantee you will be able to recognize most of the voices, including that of Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey , when the latest Pixar release becomes available to stream from Disney+ on Christmas Day. In fact, Soul, which follows a prematurely deceased music teacher’s journey back into his earthly body , boasts a pretty top-notch ensemble of A-listers, for the most part. However, I cannot seem to find any information on John Ratzenberger’s character or any real confirmation that Pixar’s good luck charm is in the cast at all.

"Armageddon." NASA shows this film during their management training program. New managers are given the task of trying to spot as many errors as possible. At least one hundred sixty-eight have been found.