Soul Voice Cast: Who's Voicing Who In The Pixar Movie

While it is exciting to see actors who have never voiced a Pixar character pop up in a new film, it is especially a treat when they bring back a few veterans (i.e., A Bug’s Life’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Onward, for instance). Yet, as far as I can tell, it seems that the Soul cast (specifically the main players) are all newcomers to the acclaimed animation studio.

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That being said, I do guarantee you will be able to recognize most of the voices, including that of Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey , when the latest Pixar release becomes available to stream from Disney+ on Christmas Day. In fact, Soul, which follows a prematurely deceased music teacher’s journey back into his earthly body , boasts a pretty top-notch ensemble of A-listers, for the most part. However, I cannot seem to find any information on John Ratzenberger’s character or any real confirmation that Pixar’s good luck charm is in the cast at all.

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