Stephen King Tells A Great Story About Shawshank Redemption, And How He Can't Convince People He Writes More Than Horror

I’m not interested in horror, per se. I’m interested in what people do. What I would like for readers, for you, Stephen [Sackur], to feel when they read one of my books, is I would like you to fall in love with the characters and want the best in the world for them. In other words, yes, I’m a horror writer, I won’t disagree with that, but I really want to do is to engage your positive emotions as much as I can so when terrible things happen you don’t want to see somebody’s head come off. I think that in a way the Friday The 13th movies were almost like snuff movies; you didn’t go to see the campers at Crystal Lake get away. You wanted to see them killed with arrows and buzz saws and chainsaws, and god knows what.

"Kingsman: The Secret Service." In the film and trailer, when the new Kingsman recruits have their first night's sleep interrupted by a deluge of water pouring into the dorm, on-set the scene went horrifically wrong. As Matthew Vaughn recalls "I shouted 'action!', the computer got it wrong and vrrrrssshh, everyone was twenty feet down underwater. Cameras, sound guys... Guys were in waders full of water, panic, everyone diving in and pulling people out." The set, painstakingly planned and rehearsed using height markers and computer-programmed water tanks, washed away in a near-biblical flood when said computers went rogue. "Those actors weren't acting, they were absolutely terrified," shudders Vaughn. "It was awful for the first day of filming."