The War Of The Worlds – Exclusive Image From BBC TV Adaptation

It freaked out an entire generation of radio listeners in 1938. It invaded the stage in Jeff Wayne’s 1978 musical. It rose up again in Steven Spielberg’s 2005 version. And now, War Of The Worlds is getting a fresh adaptation on the BBC, bringing a new take on the classic H.G. Wells sci-fi story. This time the period setting remains (though we’re talking the Edwardian era, rather than Victorian Britain), with a leading heroine inspired by the suffragettes in Eleanor Tomlinson's Amy. Empire has an exclusive new image, as seen in the Review of the Year issue – on sale now .

The War of the Worlds – BBC – exclusive

“It’s set right at the high point of the British Empire,” screenwriter Peter Harness explains of his take on the story, adding: “It’s not a cosy piece of Victoriana. It’s genuinely unsettling, and that’s what I wanted to put on screen. I’m hoping to attract a period drama audience and a sci-fi/horror audience.”

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