Top 10: Martin Scorsese Pictures

With a career spanning over 50 years, Martin Scorsese has continually proven that he’s one of the best and most exciting filmmakers working today. Part of the New Hollywood wave of filmmaking, he’s widely regarded as one of the most significant and influential filmmakers in cinematic history, and with just a glance at his impressive filmography, there’s little wonder why many share that sentiment. Though he’s often remembered for his iconic work within the crime genre, his capacity as a filmmaker is much more than that.

"The Grand Budapest Hotel." Tilda Swinton spent five hours in the makeup chair to play 84-year-old dowager Madame D. "We're not usually working with a vast, Bruckheimer-type budget on my films, so often we're trying a work-around," said Wes Anderson. "But for the old-age makeup I just said, 'Let's get the most expensive people we can'."

With the release of The Irishman, we’re honoring Scorsese by taking a brief look at what we consider to be his 10 strongest films. Be sure to let us know your favorite Scorsese film in the comments section below!