Universal Plans A New Green Hornet Film

By James White | Posted 16 Apr 2020


  • Green Hornet, The
  • Gavin O'Connor
  • Bruce Lee
After the flame-out of a planned franchise in 2011, Sony let the rights to the Green Hornet character lapse, and they were snapped up by Paramount, who set up a less comedic take on the story in 2016 with Gavin O'Connor on board to direct what he said was a passion project . Now, though, the masked vigilante and Kato, his martial arts-expert sidekick are on the move again, with Universal announcing a collaboration with Amasia Entertainment on a new film.

"The Godfather." The cat held by Marlon Brando in the opening scene was a stray that Coppola found while on the lot at Paramount, and was not originally called for in the script. So content was the cat that its purring muffled some of Brando's dialogue, and, as a result, most of his lines had to be looped.

No creative names were announced for this one, as the deal was recently signed and it's mostly in the hands of producers.

The Green Hornet began life as a radio show during the 1930, focused on the vigilante Britt Reid, a rich owner/publisher of The Daily Sentinel who decides to do something good with his ill-gotten gains. The 1966 TV series introduced Bruce Lee to the United States as Kato (that's him in the picture above with Van Williams as Reid).

John Travolta Is Actually Pulling the Needle Out of Uma Thurman’s Chest. The grizzly scene in Pulp Fiction where Travolta jams a needle into Uma Thurman’s chest to try to revive her from her overdose was actually filmed backwards. It allowed to create the effect of the needle actually making contact with the actress—without requiring Travolta to risk puncturing her. For more on movies, check out 37 Movies Every Man Over 40 Should Be Able to Quote.

We're sure Universal will want to get a new movie franchise out of the project, so the studio will be keeping its fingers crossed it all works out.