Watch James Cameron Take On Empire’s Movie Mastermind Quiz

James Cameron - Movie Mastermind

He’s the genius director behind the two biggest films of all time – Avatar and Titanic , as if you needed reminding – and some of the most beloved and influential sci-fi and action movies ever made. But just how well does James Cameron know his own movies? For Empire 30, our 30th anniversary celebrations, we tracked the filmmaker down, and demanded his clothes, his boots and his motorcycle. He refused, so instead we challenged him to a Movie Mastermind quiz, with questions tougher than a T-800. He responded with immense knowledge about his own cinematic worlds, all laced in xenomorph-acid wit. Watch it unfold below:

You came for the trivia, and you stayed to find out the name of James Cameron’s cat – now that ’s a handy piece of knowledge to remember for your next film quiz.

Want more from James Cameron and Empire 30? In the January 2019 issue of Empire , we visited his house for a major new interview, asked him a bunch of your reader questions, and he wrote a personal essay exclusively for Empire about his filmmaking journey. Order a copy online here . Read our online tribute to James Cameron here. Looking for more Movie Mastermind goodness? Watch Edgar Wright take on some brutally hard questions of his own.

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